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If you're already here, you're probably already familiar with what CoolGames Inc. was, but just in case you don't: CoolGames Inc. was a comedy podcast from Polygon in which Griffin McElroy and Nick Robinson came up with ideas for games based upon audience suggestions.

Sadly on August 10 2017 Nick Robinson left Polygon after admitting to sexual harassment over social media, putting the future of the show in question and making us all feel like gross creeps for ever liking that jerk.

A Wiki is a community-editable website. In this case, our wiki was one that aimed to be a database of episodes, games and content stemming from the CoolGames Inc podcast. If you still care enough about that, feel free to make an account and visit the episode list or hit up our TODO page. Otherwise, there's a whole bunch of different podcasts you could be listening to instead. Many of them are great! Heck, make your own podcast; the world is your oyster! Go find yourself something new and fun to obsess over and fill that CoolGames Inc shaped hole with wholesome goodness.