Nick and Griffin co-develop their debut video game: the world's first Smartglass-enabled pasta-shaman roguelike, Grandma Wants It Al Dente. Guest starring Polygon editor in chief Chris Grant.


Griffin and Nick try to come up with a title for the show and decide upon the format before launching into the development of several user-suggested ideas.

This Episode's Game

Grandma Wants It Al Dente: Grandma Needs It Al Dente is a roguelike role-playing game with cooking and farming elements. Playing as Pasta Shamans, the players must prepare pasta for the tribe's Matriarch; Grandma. The first shaman must control one of 31 playable pastas navigating and fighting their way through a boiling roguelike pasta dungeon, gaining levels and items with which to battle Grandma whilst trying to avoid over-cooking the pasta.

On a second screen (using Microsoft SmartGlass technology), the second player is tasked with speed-growing vegetables to produce a pasta sauce.

The game requires that the player utilise the NBA2K face-scan engine to put their grandma in the game. This action is mandatory, and requires a living grandma. Two editions of the game were to be produced: one aimed at grandparents guaranteeing a 'hang sesh' with their grandchild (sold at exclusively at Electronics Boutiques near retirement homes), and another for the general market depicting a shadowy gun-toting grandmother standing on a plate of spaghetti.

The game was to be produced by Ken Levine, operating under the pseudonym, 'Albert Dente'.

The graphics were described as being "Very Good".

Other Game Ideas Discussed

Too Many Mummies

A game with a large number of Mummies.

A Freaking Dog That Can Talk?

Nintendogs meets Seaman, voiced by Bruce Willis. Possibly titled 'Worklife: The Talking Dog Simulator'.

Ace Attorney but you work at a fast food restaurant and you're proving to seniors that this is what they actually ordered

A game in which the player attempts to tape the orders of seniors at a fast food restaurant; if they are successful, their clothes fall off.

You're Inside The Game

Described as a "starting point" and "fertile ground", this idea is never actually discussed due to interruption by Griffin's cat.

Grandma Needs that Pasta: Ascension

A proposed dumbed down, more generic VR-enabled sequel to Grandma Wants It Al Dente: Grandma Needs It Al Dente targeted at a wider audience.


  • The title of the podcast ('Coolgames Inc') is never mentioned for the duration of the episode. Suggested titles include Dr. Polygon's Game Clinic, Nintendo's Game Boys, Polygon Game Club and Game Tank.