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New year, new us! This week, Griffin and Nick kick off a 2017 "pawncast" rebrand, quadruple their game output, and explore some potential 2K17 launches: games like FuddBorne, Ninten_Dogs, Burnout 3: DMCA Takedown and more.


This Episode's Game

Other Game Ideas Discussed

Cars 3: Burn Track

After discussing this quote by Cars 3's director, Brian Fee (submitted by /u/holydramon), Nick reads from this first look at Cars 3 from Entertainment Weekly. Angered by the film's antimillennial-sentiment, Griffin and Nick retaliate by suggesting a poor-quality Cars 3 licensed game which turns Lightning McQueen into a slow, old, angry and bitter car who always talks about Frank Sinatra. It is impossible for McQueen to progress to level 2, but he is able to destroy the social security of sexy/hot/faster/cooler/smarter 20-year-old cars and/or the environment if he loses a race. A powerup allows him to make a CBS sitcom about "how shitty this other car is 'cause they're younger". When inserted into Alan Twodiscs, it produces either a bad video game or one where the youngest character always wins.


  • Griffin seemingly implies that 'All I Want' by The Offspring appeared on the Burnout 3: Takedown soundtrack (this being the second time he has suggested as much). In fact, no songs by The Offspring have been featured in the Burnout franchise to date.