It's a Valentine's Day special — and, whoops, we made a Christmas game.


Nick and Griffin share their Top 10 list of Best Love of Games.

Griffin's List:

  • R.O.B.
  • Mr. Domino from No One Can Stop Mr. Domino!
  • BloodRayne
  • Dr. Kawashima from Brain Games

Nick's List:

  • The bad guy from Uncharted 4
  • GonGon from Super Monkey Ball 2
  • Dodrio

Shy Guy, Michelangelo from the NES TMNT game, and Pimple from Battletoads were disqualified for being too obvious.

The Lodge was put onto Steam Greenlight, but Greenlight got shut down, so the game belongs to Gabe Newell now. Regardless, Griffin really wants to play The Lodge.

This Week's Game

Other Game Ideas Discussed

Resonant Evil

Suggested by /u/Minty_Squid | Named by /u/tr1lobyte
A horror game, but instead of having a flashlight with limited batteries, you have an airhorn with a limited supply of air. Either you use sound to see around you, or you use the airhorn to scare off monsters. You can only have 2 or 3 charges at a time, and must find more air around the map. You can upgrade it to a double-barreled airhorn.

A first person shooter where you're given normal, unmodified weapons, but also various pieces of equipment(scopes, knives, grenades, etc.) and you can stick them together any way you want

Suggested by /u/LtUnderscore
It is possible to have grenades that explode into knives or scopes, a knife with a grenade for a handle, a knife where the blade is another handle, or a knife with a silencer.

An online FPS where every time you raise your voice your gun jams

Suggested by /u/CA3080
Possibly a new game mechanic for the next Call of Duty or Destiny. Can be put onto other people in your party.

You are a kid on the Magic School Bus and must survive a randomly generated field trip

Suggested by /u/DrProfessorDr
Optional: Online multiplayer where one player is Ms. Frizz and must keep the children players safe AND teach them a lesson. If you play as Ms. Frizz, you have to keep the children in danger but never allow them to be harmed.