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This week, we set aside some time to address #Cheetogate, introduce the first in our three-part "algorithmically-generated video games" segment, and then do what we do best: make video games inspired by Burnout 3.


Griffin apologises for all the "egg stuff" in the previous episode, as he was not lucid during recording. Nick points out that this episode might be the first one in 2017 where both co-hosts are fully cogent. The Vitality Egg became stuck in development hell and ended up as vaporware (possibly vaporwave).

Griffin interviews Nick about the local TV news report about himself purchasing potentially the world's largest Cheeto when he was fifteen, which the latter had published on social media the night before. Nick suggests that the local news was tipped off by the local paper, which probably found out due to Chapel Hill being a small town. He points out that he's wearing a shirt with the Harvest Moon logo on the front and a gigantic cartoon chicken on the back in the video. While he refuses to reveal whether or not he actually ate the big Cheeto, Nick does mention that he wanted to encase it in transparent plaster and keep it in a trophy case, but found that any movement caused the Cheeto to rapidly disintegrate. The Cheeto was never formally confirmed as the largest on Earth because submitting it for review by The Guinness Book of World Records would have cost Nick $300. He hopes that someone will someday make a full-blown documentary tracking down what happened to the Cheeto.

Nick has developed a concoction which will keep him and Griffin permanently sick for every future CoolGames Inc episode, with normality only occurring on Thursdays (the day before they usually record). Griffin points out that he has already developed this, because he has a child called Henry.

As a fun twist for this episode, Nick and Griffin read out some submissions generated by a neural network which had been fed a list of every video game ever made (developed by disexplications).

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