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We take a deep dive in Sonic lore, make a game about One Weird Trick, a Weekend at Bernie's-style Splinter Cell game, and a game about celestial b-ball interference.


Griffin asks Nick whether Sonic the Hedgehog has a dad. Nick starts talking about Bonik the Hedgehog, an alleged character from the Archie comic book series, but Griffin is unable to find any relevant results on Google. Griffin then asks whether a birth has ever occurred in the Sonic comics and is presented with this panel of Dr. Quack helping Rosemary Prower to deliver Tails. They point out the Furry Confusion between the main characters and the animals that they rescue, and discuss this panel of a hurt eight-year-old Knuckles being tended to by his father, Locke, as well as Knuckles' family tree. They agree to watch Sonic Boom some time.

Griffin says that his Sonic OC would be a little goat version of himself, but later changes it to Baby Groot. Nick's Sonic OC is Tailz, an "incrementally cooler" version of Tails who wears a sunglasses and a backwards baseball bat.

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  • This is the first episode of CoolGames Inc in which the theme song ('Social Science' by Maxo) does not play at the beginning or end.