69CGI Jr: Anime Food for VRCGI Jr: Burnout, With Horses
CGI Jr: Disho-ho-honoredCGI Jr: Kingdom Hearts for BabiesCGI Jr: Oops! All Baileys
CGI Jr: Time-Travelling Prank WizardCGI Jr: Vitality EggCGI Jr: Why Hasn't Anyone Made a Video Game About the TV Show "Monk" Yet?
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Episode 001: Grandma Wants It Al Dente (feat. Chris Grant)Episode 002: Cook For Cube (feat. Justin McElroy)Episode 003: Surgery Date (feat. Phil Kollar)
Episode 004: Tim McGraw's What If? Trucks: Fates (feat. Dave Tach)Episode 005: Glasshouse (feat. Dave Lang)Episode 006: Hugh Jackman's Huge Actin' (feat. Simone De Rochefort)
Episode 007: ASDFsfdA;;DAIFDJL:KDSJ:FS;js;dkf♥♥♥♥Episode 008: Austin Powers (feat. Merritt Kopas)Episode 009: Basketball Ignoring Simulator (feat. Tara Long)
Episode 010: Honk!Episode 011: Bing Bong King KongEpisode 012: Capcom vs. TGIF
Episode 013: Love On The RocksEpisode 014: 50 First States (feat. Austin Walker)Episode 015: creativecloud.exe
Episode 016: DreamWorks Kissing Party (feat. Danny O'Dwyer)Episode 017: Horse Hockey! (feat. Russ Frushtick)Episode 018: AFVR
Episode 019: Pre-E3 2016 Special!Episode 020: PoolGames IncEpisode 021: The Dance Hunter (feat. Patrick Klepek)
Episode 022: Pokémon BryceEpisode 023: 169 Al BorlandsEpisode 024: Spooky Sunday: An Ageplay Experience
Episode 025: Barber Art OnlineEpisode 026: Sabotage RallyEpisode 027: Homestuck
Episode 028: THUDDSEpisode 029: InduStreet BoysEpisode 030: Beep Beep Evolution Party (feat. Thomas Biery)
Episode 031: Dr. Robotnik's Dinner BlasterzEpisode 032: Yummy & WildEpisode 033: Stacks on Stacks on Stacks (feat. Austin Walker)
Episode 034: Dale's Crossing / Spaghetti TroubleEpisode 035: Foreverteenz: Pencils Down! MotorEpisode 036: Death Stranding: Ground Zeroes (feat. Dan Ryckert)
Episode 037: OLD PERSONα (& Knuckles)Episode 038: Alan TwodiscsEpisode 039: Hide and Chic
Episode 040: Silent SoapEpisode 041: Yelp!Episode 042: The Lodge
Episode 043: DecemberEpisode 044: The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimEpisode 045: The Crew: Wet Country
Episode 046: Munchlax AnalysisEpisode 047: Mr. Bucket's Stroke WarsEpisode 048: Silhouette of the Big One: Takedown
Episode 049: Gary Potter and the Iguana's Curse OnlineEpisode 050: CoolGames Inc in the CityEpisode 051: The Prestige Goose
Episode 052: Property Brothers in Arms: Global Front DoorEpisode 053: Angels in the PaintEpisode 054: MorphCorps
Episode 055: The "V"Episode 056: PoolGames Inc 2.0Episode 057: Exquisite Corpse
Episode 058: LexiconquestEpisode 059: Business and Pleasure (featuring Marina from the Splatoon™ series)Episode 060: Barry Bertical's Uphill Jam
Episode 061: Breeding Amiibles (with SoftHard™ Technology)Griffin McElroyList of Episodes
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